morning HACKS

As we move into Autumn & Winter, it's so easy to start feeling the blues. We can forget about keeping our body healthy. Or not bother giving that short walk a priority. Some of us reach for the mobile as soon as we wake up forgetting there's an abundance of fresh air waiting for us.

Something we can all do is to train our mindset. The mind belongs to us. We fill it up with thoughts, emotions past and present which become part of the valuable self of us. This is not to be dismissed they make us who we are, but if you do find getting up is trying, try saying a positive affirmation based on what you like to desire about yourself or want your day to be. Reach out for what you want making it a vision you have set!

Affirmations can range from affirming our beauty or our love for life before then opening all the curtains and a window or two  before taking a few deep breaths stood by the window inviting the day into your life. It might seem strange if you've never done anything like this, but it works wonders for getting those positive thoughts and oxygen round. It just takes a few days before seeing the power of becoming what we want to be.